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The Angel & Crown

Bethnal Green

Same Name, Different Experience

The Angel & Crown

But not as you know it...

The Angel & Crown is about to have a transformation; new management, new look, new food and drink offerings. The pub is set to take on a new lease of life. Local pubs should be inviting and inclusive and serve the community that they're a part of. 


The Face Behind the Bar

Hi, my name is Mel, I'm a resident of Globe Town who'd like to see the Angel & Crown open and serving the community the way a pub should. 

A born and bred Londoner, I'm passionate about our City and want to keep the Great British heritage of local pubs alive. I believe a pub is so much more than just a place to drink.

After a career in finance as a chartered management accountant I'm ready to swap the office for the pub and put my previous experience at pulling pints and making pizzas to use.

As a local resident I care greatly about our little high street and believe that giving the Angel & Crown a new lease of life will help bring some much-needed vitality to the neighbourhood.

I look forward to welcoming you when the pub is open!


A Fresh Look

The Angel & Crown is about to have a makeover! Having been established in this same stretch of road since the 19th century it didn't seem right to change the name, but that doesn't mean it can't change in other ways.

With a bright exterior and a light and comfortable interior, new life will be breathed into the pub. The space will be open and relaxed so that everyone coming through the door feels welcomed. After all, a pub should be a living room shared by neighbours.

Food & Drink

The original plan was to serve traditional Neapolitan pizza (because that's what Mel's trained in) but we're now thinking the menu could be a little more varied. There will still be food on offer in the evening but what exactly is yet to be decided. Feel free to make suggestions!

During the day there'll be lots of locally-sourced food to enjoy with your coffee (or pint if you prefer). 

The weekends will see special brunch deals offering tasty cocktails made with fresh fruit juices to help liven up your weekend.

And of course, there'll be plenty of vegan food and drink options too!


Responsibly Run

It's important to avoid the mistakes of previous operators in the past and look forward to a better future. 

Working closely with local Police and other authorities there'll be new policies in place to ensure the enjoyment of the pub for all and that the Angel & Crown is a positive feature in the neighbourhood once again.

As well as caring for our community and neighbours we should also care for the environment. Wherever possible sustainably sourced products will be used and we will recycle and promote reduction of waste. 


We hope to have your support in our endeavours to make the Angel & Crown a great place in the community! 


Get in Touch

Excited about the plans, want further information, or just want to chat about the pub? Let us know below.